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Homemade Ethanol For My Car

This project is currently in progress.  More and more details will be added to this site as time passes.  My friend and I are building an ethanol still.  We have been planning this for about 2 years.  Now that gas has become very expensive, we are kicking this project into high gear.  We can produce 1 gallon of ethanol for as little as .75.  A realistic estimate is around $1.25-1.50 after factoring in average costs and the miles per gallon ratio.  Ethanol gets about 25% less miles per gallon than gasoline.  I have been searching for an economical place to buy the enzymes and beads needed to remove the water from the ethanol.  The beads are expensive in small quantity because they are priced for large volume orders from major companies.

We are going to use an empty beer keg, a turkey fryer burner, and a copper valve / tube system to make the ethanol.  If everything goes well, we are going to upgrade to an empty water heater instead of the beer keg.  Stay tuned for the full set of pictures and description of the process.


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