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Home Automation, Wiring, and Security

This project is currently in progress.  More and more details will be added to this site as time passes.  Most of the equipment has been purchased and is sitting around waiting for me to have time to install it.  The weather is getting cooler, so I will be able to work in the attic soon.  My plan is to have every room hardwired with data, video, and audio using 12 ports in each room.  The total package will consist of wired, wireless, electrical and acoustic technologies.  What the heck does that mean??  Well, each room will be hardwired with 2-way video / audio and there will be several gigabit data ports for desktops / laptops.  Although I have 1,000 feet of Cat5e cable, I am thinking about switching it at the last minute with Cat6.  All areas will also be wired with hidden microphones that allow voice command of the home automation software.  Telephone handset control of the home automation software will also be possible.

Most of the equipment has been purchased with the exception of touch screens.  I would like to install touch screens throughout the house which interface with home automation software.  Therefore, total control can be achieved using either voice commands over open air mics, voice commands over the telephone, physical touch screen access, or directly through any computer on the network or over the internet.  In addition, there is a huge amount of X-10 equipment that uses the power lines in the house to transmit its signals.

I have built a computer system that does nothing but handle security.  It has several 10,000 rpm scsi drives and a 16 camera video capture card in addition to an 8 port external audio unit.  This is a massive project.  Have a look at photos of just some of the equipment.

Here a picture of about 25% of the X-10 equipment that is ready to be installed.


This is a picture showing 24 feet of fiber glass rods used to fish the wire down a 2 story house.  There is also a 4 foot flexible drill bit used to create holes through from one floor to another.


1,000 feet of Cat5e cable


500 feet of quad shield coaxial cable.


About 25% of the wall plates, ports and connectors.


Some more wall plates, ports and connectors.  You can also see the tool used to hold the flexible drill bit.


Back of the security computer showing the 16 color coded camera connections.


Audio breakout unit for voice command over open air microphones.


Here is a picture of the pci card that connects to the breakout unit.


Here is picture of one of the main shelving units in my house.  This particular shelf has been custom made to hold a maximum of 12 computers and 2 printers.  Home automation and security computers are housed elsewhere.




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