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Oracle HTMLDB vs. Oracle Forms

This project is almost finished.  More and more details will be added to this site as time passes.  I have finished creating the same application using both Oracle HTMLDB and Oracle Forms to demonstrate the differences between each process.  The documentation will be posted here as soon as it is ready.

Oracle Forms has been around for a very long time and it is a mature product.  Its architecture is solid, but seems to be a bit dated when asked to rapidly develop PL/SQL web applications.  Oracle Forms has the capability, but many times it takes a good developer to accomplish this.

Oracle HTMDB has been designed to fill the void left by Oracle Forms.  It is a totally new product designed to enable a power user to rapidly develop web applications that are connected to an Oracle database.  A "power user" with general knowledge of PL/SQL will be able to use this product to create great looking effective web applications.  Existing IT staff at smaller companies should be able to utilize Oracle HTMLDB without the need for an army of professional Oracle developers.

Screenshots and info will be available soon.

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