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CompTIA A+ Certified Hardware / Software Technician

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                             Hack Windows 2000 Server

This project is completed!  More and more details will be added to this site as time passes.  I sort of hacked the ntoskrnl.exe (NT Kernel) and several system dll files to allow me to customize Windows 2000 Server text and graphics.  The actual modifications are made directly to the system files, and not simply done by an interface program that runs after Windows loads.  Therefore, one disadvantage of doing this is that Windows update may replace the modified file with a new version and the modifications would have to be made again.  However, windows file protection is not an issue since I also made some changes to the Windows file protection in regards to those particular files.  An advantage of directly modifying the files is that the changes are present even before windows loads.  Here are some screenshots of the various windows and dialog boxes I have modified.  Some of the info on the screenshots has been masked out with a red box for privacy reasons.

Here is the first screenshot showing a customized boot menu I created.


Here is the second screenshot showing the windows startup box.


This third screenshot is of the first login prompt asking you to press ctrl alt del.


The fourth screenshot is of a customized user agreement.  This was done through a registry modification.


The fifth screenshot is of the second login screen asking for your name and pass.


The sixth screenshot is of the customized start menu logo.  It was done by modifying a system dll.


The last screenshot is of the ctrl alt del dialog box after you are fully loaded into Windows.  Notice my poor attempt at humor by trying to confuse an unsuspecting user as to what may happen if they choose one of the options.


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