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IT Cyberforce

My company, Ramsey Services, has now become IT Cyberforce.  The new website is http://www.itcyberforce.com .    IT Cyberforce will be able to offer a greater number of options to existing Ramsey Services clients.  Since IT Cyberforce is not officially up and running, we will not be soliciting any new clients until everything is in place.  Existing clients of Ramsey Services will benefit greatly from the new change.

The IT Cyberforce website is just a temporary layout created using a text editor.  It is not officially open yet.  I prefer to create all temporary sites using a text editor to keep up my HTML skills.  This also allows me to log in from anywhere and make changes using the default text editor on every OS.  However, a Dreamweaver / Flash version of the website is on its way.

In preparation for the move to IT Cyberforce, we recently added more hardware and resources.  This month alone we purchased over 1 terabyte of new hard drives and 3 enterprise level multiconsole cpu switches among other items.  We have decided to stick with Seagate drives due to their 5 year warranty.  The computer switches are 4x8, 4x8, and a 4x16.  A 4x16 switch can control 16 computers from any of 4 consoles.  Therefore, you can have 4 different monitor / keyboard / mouse stations control any of the 16 computers.  I have placed some pictures below for anyone who is interested. 

By the way, here is a little bit of information about incorporating a business in the state of Texas.  If you plan on incorporating in another state such as Nevada or Deleware, be sure to check out the special requirements the state of Texas will impose upon your business.  Texas will not just allow you to incorporate in another state, and then run your business here for free.  You must register your out of state corporation, which amounts to a small form, and pay a $750 fee to file that form.  You must also pay a Texas state franchise tax on your gross profits each year.  This tax is about 4.25%, or you may be taxed on the amount of your total assets depending on which tax is the greater amount.

Here are some of our techs at the old office from the days of Ramsey Services...


Just a computer being built for a client.


New Seagate drives ready for the move to IT Cyberforce.


4x16 CPU Switch.  2 consoles on the front and 2 on the back.  Each of the 8 ports you see uses a cable that breaks out to 2 computers for a total of 16.



4x8 CPU switch.  All 4 consoles are on the back and labeled A,B,C,D.  The other 8 connections are for each of the 8 computers it can control.




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